Mylo is born

Welcome to the Mylo Skate Company — inspired by my son being born on 1.30.20 and the rediscovery of my love of skateboarding which had been on hiatus for close to 20+ years. We soft launched today to test out a few things and work out some bugs — so far so good (fingers crossed). We will officially launch on 4.11.2020 (my birthday) and send out an announcement via Facebook. All of these life events had me realize how much staying active, having fun and being with friends and family means to me and to everyone.

The skateboarding market is a lot different and broader than it was back in the 1990s when I first fell in love with the activity. Today’s skaters are more diverse in range and styles, as well as motivations. Some like the parks, others like cruising on longboards, and yet others simply enjoy pushing down the street ollieing a curb here and there. Even younger age kids are getting into it now (with support and encouragement from their parents). This was the impetus for wanting a “Family Friendly” skateboard company line of decks and products.

If you asked me when I was 15 years old, whether a “Family Friendly” skate company was “cool”, I would of laughed — but times change. Skateboarding isn’t a rebel, outlier activity it once was, and is even going to be in the Olympics in 2020 — how far we have come! So it is with this new generation in mind that I formally present to you the Mylo Skate Co. We hope you enjoy our seasonal offerings and might just run into you at a park sometime. Let us know your thoughts on our goods, and feel free to shoot us a message from time to time.



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